Server Name Lifeboat Survival Games
Server IP:PORT
Server Version v1.x
Categories Survival
Server Access Public
Status Online
Players Online 17778 / 31092
Last Checked 2 minutes ago
Registered on 2014-03-11
Server ID 10
Nick Name Unknown
Lifeboat Survival Games (LBSG) is just as what it sounds like, a survival games. Basically it's all about surviving as long you can. It's great fun and it's one of the popular gamemodes in MCPE and they offer many different servers in order to fit all players who wanna play on their servers.
LbCore 1.0.0 SurvivalGames 1.0.0
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How do you get in
- Nate_boy, posted on: 27th Jul 2017

What is the paasword
- Terminator, posted on: 21st Mar 2015

What is the address
- Awesome coolgirl, posted on: 24th Dec 2014

You tap the server Hey not a rlly big fan of lb but I know that you just have to get used to it I think STATUS REPORT FROM CRITIC BRIANA
- Bri, posted on: 1st Dec 2014

How do I join?
- Thomas8801, posted on: 21st Aug 2014

- Davido04, posted on: 20th Aug 2014

hum vo compra um tablet e vo vim jogar com vocĂȘs
- M4theusPlay0202, posted on: 7th Jun 2014

Why does it put you on different servers
- Mooncricket42, posted on: 20th Apr 2014