Server Name Legacy Build
Server IP:PORT
Server Version v0.8.1 alpha
Categories Creative Survival
Server Access Public
Status Offline
Players Online 0 / 0
Last Checked 16 minutes ago
Registered on 2014-03-14
Server ID 11
Nick Name Unknown
Legacy Build uses a basic set of plugins and is hosted on PocketMine software. It's currently in its starting period hence its low amount of players. Even though the little player base t's really a nice server to join as the staff is friendly and it feels welcoming and cool. If you are looking for a MCPE server and is fairly new to the game, check them out!
C4 1.0 Google_Analytics 1.1 TimerBan 1.1 Report 1.0.6 HideMe 1.0.1 SimpleAuth 0.3.9 drawStuff 1.0 Medic 0.0.4 Gills 1.0