Server Name Pigraid - please add new server
Server IP:PORT
Server Version v1.2.0.81
Categories Creative Survival PvP PvE Faction Economy Hunger Games Parkour Roleplay City Prison
Server Access Public
Status Online
Players Online 0 / 50
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Registered on 2016-05-07
Server ID 1107
Nick Name QueenLight
Hello welcome to my server it's a crime fighting server 
And faction it's everything hope you enjoy the
Two owner are QueenLight the creator
KingSajad the helper listin to me and King
And staff
DevTools VIPSlots 0.0.2
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/setgroup QueenLight Owner
- QueenLight, posted on: 7th May 2016

Owner and creator QueenLight and helper KingSajad
- QueenLight, posted on: 7th May 2016

Welcome to my server the Owner is QueenLight this is a pvp server or faction server hope you enjoy
- QueenLight, posted on: 7th May 2016