Server Name DiscoverLand
Server IP:PORT
Server Version v0.8.1 alpha
Categories Creative Survival
Server Access Public
Status Offline
Players Online 0 / 0
Last Checked 3 minutes ago
Registered on 2014-03-14
Server ID 12
Nick Name Unknown
Compared to other servers DiscoverLand really focuses a lot on using a lot of different plugins. It can sometimes be hard because not all plugins are compitable with one another but yet this they seem to have managed with a nice plugin layout.

Normally there are at least a couple of players on during the day and more during evenings and night. Normal as for any server you may think but in MCPE it's a little bit different I should note. As the game is yet new on the smartphones not every Minecraft fan has dicovered its possibilities yet.

The server got many admin plugin which enables the possibilities for admins to use their powers to the better. It's really important on servers to have good plugins for admins to keep everything in order.
AdminArmor 1.5 AdminJoin 1.1.3 AdminTools 1.4 BanItem 1.4 ChatGuardDynamicLoader 2.0.0 HideMe 1.0.1 IpAdmin 1.0.3 Isolate 0.2 JudgeTroll 0.2 PermissionPlus 1.0.9 PluginLoader 1.0 PocketGuard 1.3 PowerMute 0.1 RandomItem 2.4.1 Report 1.0.6 ReservedSlot 1.3 SimpleAuth 0.3.9 Tap_to_do 0.4 TimeCommander 1.0 TimerBan 1.1 UPvP 2.0 WorldEditor 0.9.1