Server Name Minecraft: PE Server
Server IP:PORT
Server Version v0.16.1 alpha
Categories Creative
Server Access Public
Status Offline
Players Online 0 / 0
Last Checked 11 minutes ago
Registered on 2016-10-16
Server ID 1209
Nick Name James
Welcome to JaneCraft Plots!

We are an official network which we grow to have more than 1 server. Currently, we have a Plots server.

You can join our main Server Ip here:

Port: 33701

Creative mode - Be creative with your own Plot!

Create unlimited plots - Create unlimited plots by voting for this server.

Be able to add others to help you - You can allow more people to help you.

XBox Accounts allowed - You are now able to login / register via your XBox account.

More information upon the server, and the rules board.

Hardly found any bugs what so ever! - Since the server releases, we've found no bugs, so this server's bug free.

No lag - No lag, sometimes can happen due to the server's beta stages, but most of the lag isn't there!

Simple login / register - Simple login / registeration system, just use /register to register your account, and /login to log into your account.

Nice staff - We have nice staff, here at JC. We currently have 6-7 staff on the Plots server! Please don't ask to be staff, as we don't need any right now.

Forgotten your password, or you cannot login? - Simple, ask one of our staff to reset your password, simply, and free. No need to pay!

Hang out with friends, be creative with your plot.

Plots competitions?! - That's right! Every sunday, we go round all plots, and decide the top 10 best plots. If you win, you get the "Builder" rank, we're working on commands as the days go by, this isn't a staff rank, it's just simply a rank that can give you a lot of commands.

and a ton more - That's not all! We're adding a ton of features very soon to make your gameplay experience the best! Be sure to stick around, as more servers may come out soon! Thanks!

Enjoy the server!
BanItem 2.1 RealTime 2.1.1 WorldBorder 2.0.0 PurePerms 1.4.0 EssentialsPE 2.0.0 SimpleAuth 1.8 iControlU 1.3 ManyWorlds 2.0.6 VoteReward 3.0.2 internals 1.7.0 PureChat 1.4.0