Server Name \u00A76\u00A7lVoid\u00A7bSMP \u00A7aServer \u00A77\u00A7l| \u00A7cV1.9/V1.10/V1.11/V1.12 \u00A77\u00A7l| \u00A7e\u00A7lSERVER NO
Server IP:PORT
Server Version v1.2.7
Categories Survival PvP Faction Economy
Server Access Public
Status Online
Players Online 16 / 80
Last Checked 24 seconds ago
Registered on 2017-10-08
Server ID 1277
Nick Name James
Welcome to Void Factions PE! This server was originally the Normal factions server, which had shut down. That's why we had brought Void FactionsPE back!
In this server, I present you, the features of what we have to offer. Here are the features:
Better raids - Before, raids were good, but not OP enough to be the best raids ever, a part from some acations. Now, you could be looking at: Prot 50 gear raids, Prot 30 gear raids, and many more OP raids. If it has a base, a proper base, then you know it will have awesome, and more OP gear. Voting - You can now vote for more better stuff than ever. You can vote for: Building blocks, Voter rank, /fly, Better gear, and so much more to come. You can also get 30k money in game to get you started. Why not vote for us @
Better builds - Before, our builds were awesome, but not awesome enough to keep our players entertained. Now, we have a awesome spawn with a massive warzone area, Fixed spawn protection, and so much more. Better /wild plugin - Before, our wild plugin was good, but not good enough. Now, we have a stabled, and more reliable /wild plugin. All you need to do, is either click the slapper which takes you to /wild, or use the command /wild. You may build your bases there. Who knows.

Drop Parties: - Every 10 minutes, you can Get loot and gear from Drop Partys, and also blocks too. If you don't want to wait every 10 minutes for a Drop,Party, then vote for: Diamond gear, weapons, Building blocks, bows, and more!

You can now vote more than once a day! - Before, you were able to vote only once every 24 hours. Now, you can vote 2 times a day! Vote @
If you don't recieve what you wanted, then contact us @ZeaoPlayzMC and @JCSupport
We will reply to you ASAP.

Anyways, I'll let you awesome people enjoy the server, and let us know in the comments on how it went. We would love to hear feedback regarding your gameplay regarding the server.
As always, thanks for choosing VoidMinerPE!
AntiDupe 5.0.0-B1 RandomNick 2.0.0 BuycraftPM 0.5.0-2 MagicWE2 5.7.1 RestartMe 1.3.0 GuiShop 1.0.0 superBAR 2.0.0-Beta PlayerSize 2.0.0-B1 TeaSpoon 1.0.0 WorldBorder 1 VM-Core 2.0.0-B1 VMPE-Action 2.0.1 DropPartyPvP 0.0.1-B1 DropParty 2.0.0-B1 ExplodingUnbreakables 1.2.6 StaffChat 2.0.0 RealMute 4.0.0-B1 PurePerms 1.4.1-2 VoteReward 4.0.0-B1 NoTP 1.0.6-3 CustomAlerts 1.7.2-3 ServerRestartPE 3.0.0-B1 KillPlayers4Money 2.0.0-B1 SafeFlyV2 2.0.1 Bounty 2.0.0-beta1 WorldGuard 1.2.5 GenBuckets 1.0.0 AdminFun 2.0.0 Slapper 1.3.8 Wild 0.1_beta EssentialsPE 2.0.0 VMHealthMSG 2.0.0-B1 AdvancedKits 5.1.0-10 PureChat 1.4.10-4 FactionsPro 1.3.11-6 AllAPILoader 1.0.0 TimeRanks 3.0.0-ALPHA8 PlayerVaults 2 HungerDisabler 1.0.0 ManyWorlds 2.1.0 BlockCmdPE 1.0.0 ClearLaggPE 2.0.0 AntiSpam 1.3 EconomyAPI 5.7.1-2.alpha8 VMCombatLogger 1.2.4 NoFallDamage 0.0.2-ALPHA8 Broadcaster 1.17 Functions 1.2.1 SuperVanish 2 SimpleWarp 3.3.4
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