Server Name Minecraft: PE Server
Server IP:PORT
Server Version v0.8.1 alpha
Categories Survival
Server Access Public
Status Offline
Players Online 0 / 0
Last Checked 18 minutes ago
Registered on 2014-03-14
Server ID 17
Nick Name Unknown
I am cReEPOi in Minecraft and I have created this server all by my own. I currently manage everything by myself but I might want to add an admin team later but I haven't really decided yet.

The server opened its gates 2 months ago and has since then grown steadily. Sure we ain't biggest yet but we are well on our way there and we want your help to get there!
Portal 0.1 PrivateAreaProtection 1 Sethome 1.0b PocketMoney 1.7.2 PeacefulSpawn 1.0 SimpleWorlds 0.3.1 SimpleAuth 0.3.7 PocketJobs 1.2 PocketGuard 1.1.2 MCPEListClaimServer 1.0.0 ChestShop 1.5.1 PermissionPlus 1.0.9