Server Name [?ApocalypticWar?][?BattleBiomePvP?]
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Server Version v0.9.5 alpha
Categories Survival
Server Access Public
Status Offline
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Registered on 2014-03-11
Server ID 2
Nick Name Unknown
Juegos & More is a fairly new Minecraft PE server, yet fun and with lots of active players. During weekend days we've got approximately 10-20 players on and during the weekends more.

We only use a selection of few PE plugins as we feel we don't need to put to much load on the server. To be honest, I think many Minecraft PE servers tend to add a lot of different plugins but I want to differentiate our server and instead focus on being a light weight PE server.
PocketMine-MP Alpha_1.4dev-402
Hi Inivek. We think that Wob Hosting is cool.
- Unknown, posted on: 4th Sep 2014

?ApocalypticWar? [KitPVP]== You can use the free Mercenari Kit (V.I.P [Emperor diamond][King iron][Duke Chaim]) [BiomeWar]=You will find four different biomes(Nether)(Jungle)(Desert)(Ice)
- Inivek, posted on: 23rd Apr 2014