Server Name Jungle Craft
Server IP:PORT
Server Version v0.8.1 alpha
Categories Creative Survival PvP PvE Parkour Roleplay
Server Access Whitelist
Status Offline
Players Online 0 / 0
Last Checked 1 hour ago
Registered on 2014-04-07
Server ID 41
Nick Name Unknown
Jungle Craft is a non-public server list (whitelist) server with a small playerbase. We want to focus on finding a good base rather than having loads of players on our server. We have many good plugins installed and I, who manage the server, got many years behind me both in real life and in gaming of managing servers.

Some of the plugins we use on our Minecraft PE server is customized. This means I've altered them to better suit our gameplay. Feel free hop in and play with us/me anytime!
PocketMine-MP Alpha_1.3.12
can you add me and can i be op im never op in servers plz oh! and my username happylucas1965
- Happylucas1965, posted on: 8th Jun 2014

Please ban muschigesicht and hallotrie they where swearing and being racist and rude
- Stampylongnose, posted on: 10th May 2014

I would like to be whitelisted IGN:Mooncricket42 Why:I just want to have fun on the server.
- Mooncricket42, posted on: 7th Apr 2014