Server Name PlotCraft BETA 0.3
Server IP:PORT
Server Version v0.8.1 alpha
Categories Survival PvP Faction Economy Roleplay City Prison
Server Access Public
Status Offline
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Registered on 2014-04-20
Server ID 54
Nick Name DopeteK
Welcome to PlotCraft...


Anti-grief system

No banned items

Automatically protected land owned by the user

Pre-made shops stocking everything chest shop supports

Automatic spleef arena

Teams and chat parties






PvP at night with PvP ranking

In game help - no need for /help anymore

Punishment system

Evacuations from big Steves rectum

User policed server - no need for ops so don't ask

A purely survival gametype

Street lighting?

This gametype aims to stop griefing and chat flooding while providing a fun feature packed unique environment. The world consists of plot land, mining land, a cave network, ravines, many mines, strongholds and a couple of libraries and a lake with a hidden secret passage. (a really well hidden secret passage)

When you join PlotCraft you will be standing in front of big Steve and a bunch of white things with glass on top. These are help nodes and players must tap the glass to read the information. All the help and commands you need are written within the help nodes. If you need help slowly read all the nodes again. And again, and again until you understand. An unguided 6 year old girl tested the help and was able to achieve everything required of a player so please don't embarrass yourself by asking for help on the server.

So what am I meant to do in PlotCraft?

When you join PlotCraft your aim should be to own a plot or join an plot owners team. Plot owners should start their own chat party as soon as they activate their plot ownership and invite as many players from the builder class as they can to both their chat party and plot. Inviting a builder class player to your plot means to give them the right to mine on your land and make them part of your team. Plot owners can revoke the right to be a team member at any time.

Okayyyy, how do I do that?

I'm glad you asked, here is everything you need to know including all the commands you can use.


Before you can do anything you need to register so type:

/register [password]


/register thisismypassword

From here you are ready to play.

Chat and chat parties

When you join you will be muted and will not be able to speak unless you join a chat party or use the /tell [player name] command.
The first thing you will see when you join for the first time is a white help node and if you tap the glass of the node you will be put in the lobby chat party. The lobby is the default party and all new players should join it. Players can join other chat parties at any time. When a player enters the spleef arena either to play or spectate they will automatically join the spleef arena chat party and when they leave they will join the lobby party unless they die and in that case they will need to manually leave the party.

To join a chat party you must know its name. The party names are private meaning you need to be invited to a party or ask for an invite by using the /tell [player name] command.

Example: (DTeK is the player the example is speaking to)

/tell DTek hey are you in a private party? can i join it please? can i join your team too?

Starting , joining and leaving a party

Joining a party and starting a party is simple. To join a party (assuming you know the party name, in this example the party name is DTeKsParty) type:

/party join DTeKsParty

To start a party named myparty type:

/party start my party

To leave a party type:

/party leave

Party chatting

To chat in your party type:

/party chat [my message]


/p c [my message]

How to change your player class

When first join PlotCraft you will be in the guest class and will be able to do nothing but kill with your hands.

To change your class you must apply for that new class. This information can also be found in game on the "How to apply to build or own a plot" help node.

To apply to build type:

/build followed by your email address, your age and your gender.


/build 16 male

To apply for plot ownership type:

/plot followed by your email address, your age and your gender.


/plot 16 male

To apply to be a ranger type:

/ranger followed by your email address, your age and your gender.


/ranger 16 male

If you apply incorrectly your application will be ignored

After a correct application has been processed you will be sent an email containing instructions and a link to this topic. This is not a white list as all players are accepted as long as they apply in the correct manner and everyone gets to PvP and rank up.

I got an email from you after I applied, what now?

There will be full instructions on what to do next in the email I send you. The instructions will be different depending what class you applied for but is basically a reiteration of what you will find in this post but to sum it up -

Plot owners will have their class changed and will be teleported to the activation room associated with their plot. They will need to tap a sign to automatically protect their plot and claim it. They will then be given $500 to spend and teleported to their plot. The email will contain all the commands a plot owner may use. The player will have to be on the server at the same time as the owner in order to be teleported to the activation box.

Builders will have their class changed and be granted the right to mine any unprotected area. This mean the wooded area and underground. The builder class player can now join a team. The email will contain all the commands a builder may use. The player and server owner do not need to be online at the same time in order for the players class to be changed.

Rangers will have their class changed and have access to a uniform. The ranger now has the ability to punish and police PlotCraft players. The email will contain all the commands a ranger may use. The player and server owner do not need to be online at the same time in order for the players class to be changed.

Rangers and pnishment

You can be punished by a ranger for any of the following:

Annoying other players
Leaving blocks in the forest area
Griefing players
Insulting players excessively
Spawn camping
Asking for team (you must directly ask a player that is already in a team0
Asking for op
Asking for admin
Asking for ownership
Asking for an item
Asking for help that is already displayed on the nodes
Logging out while being punished
Making another account
Using mods/hacks
Speaking about mods or hacks
Chat spamming
Causing undefined problems

You will NOT be punished for cursing.

Punishment includes being burnt, having your inventory cleared, killed put in one of the jails, put in room 101 (don't ban yourself while in room 101) or sent to big Steve's gut then passed via his rectum in to the pit. Please be good as rangers are itching to use their powers. Logging out of the server wile being punished will only mean that when you log back in you will be in exactly the same place but this will also incur more punishment.

It is not all power for a ranger though as they are charged with planting trees and keeping the forest alive. Don't worry rangers you will be given lots of saplings and bone to complete your task along with a leather uniform and iron sword. Rangers must use /rangerreport [report of punishment] whenever they punish a player. Rangers must make sure they make a FULL report or they risk being busted down to a lower rank and or punishment. Ranger commands are hidden and viewable by only rangers.


/rangerreport i put dtek in room 101 because he was flying

The ranger is abusing their power! What can I do?

That's easy. At any time you can by typing /appeal followed by a full appeal stating the time, date, who punished you, why they did it and why you think it was unfair.


/appeal dtek put me in one of the cages for spawn killing but it was not me it was herobrine this was at 12.00 8/4/14

You can report bat players at any time by typing /report followed by, yes you've guessed it your report.

/report DTeK was spawn killing at 12.00 8/4/14


PvP takes place at night and EVERY kill is legal so don't cry if you die. If you are frightened of death you should own a plot or join a plot/team and hide inside your home at night or head for the hills and wait until dawn.

PvP offers you commands that you can use at any time of the day or night. These commands are:


This will give you access to help, stat, shop and casino. Just type /pvp followed by one of the sub commands.

/pvp shop

Making money

You can make money by having a job. Type /jobs to see the list of sub commands.

Example of how to view the jobs:

/jobs browse

Example of how to view the jobs:

/jobs join woodcutter

Money commands

You can view how much money you have by typing:


One more command

Type /nearby to toggle an on screen notice that shows you who is near you and how many blocks away they are.
Authentication 0.3.8 Bless 1.0.0 EssentialsCustom 1 ClearInv_on_quit 1.0 Coordinates 0.1 Mute_on_join 1.0 PeacefulSpawn 1.1 PermissionPlus 1.0.9 PowerMute 0.1 PvP 1.0 ReservedSlot 1.3 ReSpawnWithItems 1.0 SpawnChanger 1.0.4 SpawnWithItems 1.3
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