Server Name OwnagePE - PvP & Minigames!
Server IP:PORT
Server Version v1.2.0.81
Categories Survival PvP PvE Faction Economy Roleplay
Server Access Public
Status Online
Players Online 34 / 1000
Last Checked 16 seconds ago
Registered on 2015-05-21
Server ID 575
Nick Name ManiakMCPE
Welcome to OwnagePE!
We used to be just a KitPvP server but now we are much more!
We just opened up out Hub server and we are adding new stuff every day!
What are you waiting for? JOIN!
Slapper 1.3.7 BanSystem 1.0.3 TransferFix 1.0.1 SneakEffect 1.0 iProtector 3.1b BuycraftPM 0.4 Broadcaster 1.16 superBAR 1.5.1 MapImageEngine 1.0.10 BetterSitting 1.1.10 Portals 1.0.8-beta4 HungerDisabler 1.0.0 SimpleNoSpam 0.1 PerWorldSettings 1.0.0 LaunchPads 1.0.0 ManyWorlds 2.1.0 MultiPlayerCount 1.0.0 MSpawns 1.5.0 CustomAlerts 1.6 SimpleTags 0.1
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