Server Name Brodycraft
Server IP:PORT
Server Version v1.0.3
Categories Creative Survival PvP Parkour
Server Access Public
Status Offline
Players Online 0 / 0
Last Checked 3 minutes ago
Registered on 2014-04-24
Server ID 60
Nick Name Jag
Free, fun based server with access to multiple ported worlds that include villages, castles, caverns, dungeons, pixel art and more. We have dedicated worlds to survival, white list building, Lord of the Rings based worlds, parkour and flat building worlds.
No griefing or swearing.

If you build something, ask an Op for protection. Use /report to send a message to the admin . You can check you coordinates using /coord
Locks your chests with /pg lock
Teleport requests with /tpa 
Place a bed to set a home 
Nukkit 1.0dev-SequinLand
- Noobest Miner, posted on: 6th Sep 2014