Server Name Kitty_Nation_v11
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Server Version v0.14.3 alpha
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Registered on 2015-06-30
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Nick Name Kitty_Nation
You can build whatever you like with friends and family! Have fun!
DevTools 1.11.0 LeetLogin 1.0.0 LeetTime 1.0.0 BanItem 2.1 LeetTP 1.2.1 BlockedCommands 1.1.0 LeetBorder 1.0.1 AutoBroadcastPE 1.0.0 PeacefulSpawn 2.5.1 MineReset 2.2
We have found a new feature... colored text! You can use colored text by typing ยง And then a number 1-9.
- Kitty_Nation, posted on: 30th Jun 2015