Server Name DogeCraft
Server IP:PORT
Server Version v0.15.0.0 alpha
Categories Survival PvP Faction Economy Parkour
Server Access Public
Status Offline
Players Online 0 / 0
Last Checked 10 minutes ago
Registered on 2015-10-31
Server ID 860
Nick Name Radnbad
Welcome to DogeCraft! Here, we love to help and make stuff for you! There is so much to offer. We hope you join us! 
Donate 0:99 For: Mod and op
Donate 1:99 For:Admin and perm op
Donate 4:99 For CoOwner and perm op plus anything else
Donate 9:99 For: Owner and ANYTHING!

We hope to see you there!
Genisys 1.1dev