Server Name PurplesServer
Server IP:PORT
Server Version v0.10.5 alpha
Categories Creative Survival PvP
Server Access Public
Status Offline
Players Online 0 / 0
Last Checked 14 minutes ago
Registered on 2014-03-11
Server ID 9
Nick Name Unknown
In this server you will find many cool things which enables many different types of gamemodes all in one server. One thing which makes this kind of cool is there SkyGrid plugin. For those who don't know what SkyGrid in Minecraft is then you should check this out:

Basically just a harder (and more funny) version of Minecraft. It's not their whole focus though, they offer a lot of normal plugins and so on but that's very fun at least.
PeacefulSpawn 2.4 SimpleAuth 1.5.0 BanItem 2.0 RandomItem 4.2
Its a good server, but most of the time it says unable to connect to world
hello Purple Louise Best server :D
- **Blueberry Cherry**, posted on: 9th May 2014

Hello Purple!
- **Blueberry Cherry**, posted on: 9th May 2014

This is hosted by potposie?
- Mooncricket42, posted on: 20th Apr 2014