Server Name Minecraft: PE Server
Server IP:PORT
Server Version v1.1.0.55
Categories Creative PvP Parkour
Server Access Public
Status Online
Players Online 21 / 100
Last Checked 1 minute ago
Registered on 2016-01-03
Server ID 962
Nick Name Dblcut3
WikiCraft is the official server of the MCPE Wiki. It is still in its beginning stages and currently only has creative plots, build competition, and parkour. An advanced PVP Arena will be added by the end of January.
LIAB 1.0.0 WorldEdit+ 0.01 ServerTransfer 1.0.0 CustomAlerts 1.7 PurePerms 1.3.6 WorldProtect 2.3.0 BadWordBlocker 1.0.2 EconomyAPI 2.0.9 EconomySell 2.0.7 AlwaysSpawn 2.2.2 DevTools 1.10.0 VoteReward 3.0.2 TapToDo 2.2.1b iProtector 3.1b TopVoter 2.1.1 KillerEarnMoney 1 AdvancedKits 5.1.0 EconomyShop 2.0.7 ManyWorlds 2.0.3 EconomyJob 2.0.4 NetherChests 1.1.1 SimpleAuth 1.7.2 Broadcaster 1.16 EconomyLand 2.0.9 SimpleAuthHelper 2.0.4vgphp7 BlockSniffer 1.0.0 EssentialsPE 2.0.0 PureChat 1.4.0 MyPlot 1
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